And Then There Were TWO!

2-is-better-blog-post-picI’m super excited to announce that The Green Stork family is growing! (No, No, I’m not expecting.) One thing I’ve learned over the years is that continuity of care is just as important to my clients as it is to me. With that being said I’m excited to introduce the newest addition to The Stork. Steffaney Thomas will be joining The Green Stork as a doula. She is an amazing young woman originally from Madison, WI who is knit tightly within the Mankato community already. Steffaney is a beautiful addition to the family and I couldn’t be happier about our partnership. She too dreams of a day she will be catching babies as a midwife. Who know’s maybe we will be study buddies in school! You can read more about Steffaney here.

What’s in it for you?
We will be providing a unique service to the birthing community from here on out. Both Steph and Stef will be interviewing and meeting with clients during prenatal and postnatal visits together. We may both even be present at your birth, but rest assured at least one of us will be by your side. Two doulas is better then one right?! You will now have double the support and not pay double the price!