At The Green Stork we know how important of an event this birth is for you.  We take pride in providing our clients with a unique service.  Our doula partnership increases the chances of you having a personal relationship with your doula from the get go.


Both Steph and Stef will attend at least one of your prenatal appointments.  It may be together sometimes.  We do so enjoy this work!   At least one of us will attend the birth of your baby.  In the event that your labor is a tad longer then expected.  There is no need to worry, your doula will have time to rest.  Steph and Stef will work together to insure you are always cared for.  Whomever is by your side during your labor will check up on you and baby for your postpartum visit.

We are excited to be one of the only partnerships serving South Central MN.  It’s an honor to be working so closely with your family along this journey.
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Holthus-with-name-tag-724x1024Stephanie has been interested in birth since she was a little girl.  When asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, “A baby doctor” would always be her response.  The birth of her first son, at Immanuel St. Joseph Hospital in Mankato Minnesota,  sparked a strong urge to do more for expectant families in southern MN.  She started her training as a ® Teacher in 2010 and became a certified Bradley® Instructor  and Doula shortly thereafter.  She then attended a few midwifery study group meetings in Saint Peter, MN and learned the benefits of placenta encapsulation. This inspired Stephanie and she decided to explore it further.  Stephanie became trained in Placentophagy in 2011 and is excited to offer Placenta Encapsulation Services to expanding families.

In 2012  she became the mother of a second precious little boy, attended a Midwifery Today conference on the east coast, and worked closely with a small group of women to start the Deep Valley Birth Collective.  The DVBC is a collective of birth professionals bringing evidence based information and services to southern MN. Stephanie is currently on the board of directors and is serving a three year term as Treasurer.

In 2014 Stephanie began to further her education with DSCN-1-1024x681Birth Arts International.  She is currently working towards duel certifications with Birth Arts as a Labor Support Doula and Midwifery Assistant.  She is thrilled for this new chapter and can’t wait to see where it takes her.

Stephanie Holthus dreams of a day when she will be catching babies for The Green Stork as a midwife.  If she isn’t studying, teaching, or assisting a woman in labor  she is enjoying being a mommy to her two boys.  Her little family loves exploring nature and in the winter months you’ll likely find Steph curled up with her knitting needles and a hot cup of tea.

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Thomas-with-nametag-724x1024Steffaney (the other Stephanie) is originally from the Madison WI area and came to Mankato to play basketball for MN State while studying nursing. Similar to Steph’s story, she always said she wanted to be a “nurse for babies” ever since she was a young girl. During her time in college, she took a semester off to spend 4 months working at a children’s center in Mozambique Africa. Her roommate there was a certified midwife who often shared stories of the miracle that is birth. This was the first time Stef ever heard someone talk about the birthing process as something beautiful, joyful, and empowering rather than something dreadful and filled with pain. It was then that Stef’s passion for birth had its genesis.

Upon returning to the States, her love for babies and the birthing process continued to flourish through the rest of her schooling. She was able to complete part of her clinical requirement on the O.B. floor at the Mayo Clinic here in Mankato. Steffaney finished school and graduated from MSU’s Nursing program with honors at the top of her class in 2013.

Through her time in Africa, her education, and her own birthing experience Steffaney’s love for
helping mothers in and through the birthing process has only grown. To pursue this passthomas-newborn-0044-768x512ion, Stef has started her certified Doula training with Birth Arts International and has future plans to become a certified midwife. She feels it is a true honor to be invited into someone’s birth, and no matter what her role in the process… it’s a joy that’s never taken for granted.

Although Stef loves being a doula and nurse, she most cherishes her roles as a wife and mother. She is also an adventure junkie who loves to travel and explore new cultures; from scuba diving to skydiving it’s usually a resounding yes for Stef!




Birth Arts International Doula



Both Steph and Stef are currenty members of the DVBC.  Stephanie is serving her second term on the board.
“There is a secret in our culture, and it’s not that birth is painful. It’s that women are strong.” ~ Laura Stave Harm