Complete Childbirth Education Course

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Steph Holthus is excited to be bringing this premier, all inclusive class to Northern, MN.  She taught The Bradley Method® for five years in southern MN.  The Green Stork believes in the sanctity of birth. Knowledge is power.   We value and treasure birth as a natural process.  In this complete childbirth ed. course you will learn, in detail,  everything you and your partner need to know in order to trust your body, and relinquish any fears.  We will cover the stages of labor.  How to stay healthy and low risk.  You will learn when it’s time to go to the hospital, birth center, or call the midwives.  This course was designed to cover all of your questions regarding coping techniques and pain medication.  We discuss cesarean and inductions.   Together we will form a birth plan.  We will have time to discuss what’s on your mind and cover any questions that you might have.


home water birth

Know your options.
Relinquish your fears.
Empower yourself.

“Stephanie was an amazing teacher as well as a valuable support for my husband and I during this journey to becoming first time parents. She quickly joined our circle of trusted people who we knew would respect our wishes as well as provide us with valuable resources when we had questions and concerns. Her positive attitude and openness to learn alongside her teaching was inspiring.” -Brittany B.

“She (Steph) removed any birth fears and replaces them with knowledge.  It worked perfectly.  In labor I was kept comfortable~which allowed me to be relaxed~enabling birth to progress quickly~and we had a great birth!” Kristi S.

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What does The Green Storks Complete Childbirth Ed Teach?

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  • Home birth, hospital birth, and birth center birth.
  • Active participation by the partner, mother, and baby.
  • Excellent nutrition.
  • Staying healthy and low risk.
  • Relaxation, breathing, and different labor positions.
  • “Tuning-in” to your own body and trusting the natural process.
  • Breastfeeding.
  • Knowing your options, enabling you to have positive communications with your birth team.
  • Preparation for unexpected situations.