Doula FAQS

What is a Doula?

We are professionally trained in normal childbirth to serve and support you, your partner and family with emotional, physical, and continuous support throughout your pregnancy, labor, and postpartum period.  We also provide informational support during your childbearing year.  Our goal is to assist you in a memorable and empowering birth.  The word doula means “mothering the mother” or “to serve”.  We fulfill many roles such as educator, liaison between provider and client, photo taker, breastfeeding support, cook, and  personal masseuse just to name a few. As your doula we work with you and your partner to help you have the best birth possible, whether in the hospital or at home, with or without pain medication. A doula is needed to continuously support you and your partners birthing desires.

Why do I need a doula when my husband will be my coach?

As your doula we provide you AND your partner with education and self defined support.  We are not there to replace your birth partner, but to support you both through this pregnancy and labor.  We can help explain normal birth and prepare you and your partner for labor.  When your partner gets worried or doesn’t know what to do next we are there to assist you both.  Coaching your partner through supporting you.  Having someone there to support both of you through labor assures that you, Mom, will be continuously supported.  Read more about our Doula’s and Dad’s blog post here.

What can you offer me?

  • Education.  Resources .  Knowledge.
  • Early labor support (which typically means you labor in the peace of your own home longer).
  • Continuity of care.  With two doula’s chances are higher you will have a personal relationship with who will be supporting you through labor.
  • Support by phone.
  • Reassurance that everything is normal.
  • Help on deciding when it is time to go to the hospital.
  • Ideas to help progress labor.
  • Support during and after labor.
  • Various comfort measures.
  • Relaxation support.
  • Advocacy acting as a liaison for better communication with the medical staff.
  • Support for you partner.
  • Immediate  one on one postpartum support and breastfeeding support.
  • Help initiate and encourage immediate bonding.

Why should I hire a Doula?  I have a midwife/OB.

As your doula we offer you and your partner CONTINUOUS labor support.  While the the OB staff or Midwives have other responsibilities to attend to.  We are solely focused on supporting you not charting your progress.

“Stephanie was present for the birth of my daughter 5 days ago. She was such a blessing to my husband, myself, and my baby. Her soothing voice was always ready with encouragement. She stayed calm and helped us during some unexpected circumstances with our birth. She also helped take care of my husband so he could do his best supporting me. I would recommend a doula to any expectant momma, but I would especially recommend Stephanie for her knowledge of birth and her soothing presence.” Marie Macpherson (2015)

“…I cannot say enough times how lost we would have been w/out your great teaching w/ the Bradley Method AND your amazing, calming, beautiful help as our doula.  Much Love Elissa & Jeromy”