FAQS about Childbirth Education

How is Our Class Unique?

While you prepare and learn how to birth and bring your baby earth side, Stephanie will provide a space that is open, safe and free of judgement for both you and your partner. Supporting you through your experience every step of the way, you will leave each class feeling confident in your choices and knowledgeable in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

After Stephanie’s experiences with her own two natural births, one hospital birth and one home birth, her passions for holistic health, pregnancy, and everything related continues to evolve and grow. Her wide variety of passions and education melt together to make your family aware of possible options.

When should I start?

Healthy nutrition, appropriate exercise, and pregnancy information can be of benefit throughout the entire pregnancy. For most couples, the fifth month is the suggested time to begin as they seriously start training for labor and for their upcoming role as parents.  If you’ve seen your fifth month come and go and now your seven months along.  Don’t worry, this class is still very beneficial to you.  You can register and take this course well into your third trimester.  It’s best to start no later then 35 weeks.  We are happy to work around your schedule.  For personalized classes please contact us for more details.

What does the $275 get me?

The cost includes:

Personal education from a passionate couple
Your own student work book
Guest speakers Access to The Green Stork’s extensive library of books and movies
24/7 contact and support from Stephanie
A student log in to The Storks personal database
A weekly connection with other expectant couples, your partner and baby

What do I need to be prepared for each class?

We will be moving our bodies every class. Dress comfortably as your comfort is important during your pregnancy. We practice relaxation techniques and different laboring positions in every class. For this you will need to bring a blanket to lie on and pillows. Bring as many pillows as you currently need to be comfortable while sleeping. You will also need to bring the student workbook (you’ll get this the first class), most couples bring a notebook as well.

Are there any books I should read before I start?

There are many good books to use as reference. The Green Stork has an extensive library of books that you may check out.  You can view our entire list of books here.