Doula Workshops

Certified Doula Education Program 

Become a doula and experience one of the most fulfilling ways to support women and their families! Birth is a journey that unfolds spontaneously and organically. Through this journey women and their partners face important decisions and powerful emotions. The role of the doula is to be the grounded, constant voice and touch of reassurance and calm. The doula honors and preserves the family’s space and choices which allows them to be engulfed in what really matters, the transition of their beautiful baby earth side. Come ride the birthing high and join the Birth Art International doula team by taking this certification training being offered to you by the Green Stork!

As a Birth Arts International Certified Doula you will have the exceptional privilege of experiencing the most ground-breaking, intensive education programs available for doulas in the world. Birth Arts International (BAI) is the premier international doula training organizations and has trained over 20,000 doulas world-wide while keeping the intimate one on one student experience they are known for. Training to become a doula is an amazing life changing process. Not only do you get to expand your knowledge but you also get to become part of a like minded community of passionate doulas on their own path of discovery and adventure.

To learn more about the amazing organization Birth Arts International click here

Class and Registration Information

This training is brought to you by Stephanie Holthus of The Green Stork (BAI Doula trainer, doula, childbirth educator, & placenta encapsulator)

The cost will be $500

A non-refundable $150 deposit holds your space and will enable me to order your manual and your supplies for the workshop.

Payments can be mailed to Stephanie Holthus.  Cashiers checks, money orders, and checks are the preferred methods of payment.

Online payment options are available.

Refund Policy

No registration is complete without payment. No payment will be kept after the sessions are full.  After online registration ends please call to see if there’s still room.  All deposits are non refundable.

100% refund, sans the deposit, will be given if you need to cancel due to a birth. All birth-related cancellations must be submitted in writing via email to Steph before the workshop begins.  You will have the option to attend a future workshop taught by Steph. No show, no call: no refund, if you leave early there is no refund given.  Reach Steph at (218) 308-6818,  All other refunds will be on a case by case basis.  This is a professional workshop.  There is much planning and preparation that goes into it.  Space is almost always limited and others may be turned away due to it being full.  Full refunds will be given if the required minimum attendees is not met.

In order to receive your certificate of attendance you must attend both days in full.

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Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 9.24.49 AM Saturday October 9th, 2021  9am-5pm, Sunday October 1oth, 2021 9am-5pm

Registration deadline: September 17th, 2021


Balance due by September 24th, 2021

Workshop Location: Heart to Heart Midwifery, Grand Rapids, MN 1833 US-2, Grand Rapids, MN 55744

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 Contact Steph by text, phone call or email with any questions.

Certification Requirements 

You do not need to have any of the following completed to attend the workshop.  This is only to obtain certification.

This can be a private childbirth education class or hospital based program. We require this so you know what women in your area are receiving as childbirth education. Hour requirement is 8 hours.
Read the required books from the book list. We require a few more books than most certifying bodies because we feel it is essential to view birth with an open mind and an educated mind. Reading two to three more books can assist in doing this but it also exposes students to different viewpoints and perceptions of the birth process.
You will find the Birth Arts International workbook like no other doula training workbook. You will do assignments that look into your heart and challenge you mind and perceptions of birth and labor support. We want students to fully process and achieve their maximum potential. Assignments will challenge your views of birth, yourself and the work you will be doing.
We require the documentation of attendance at 5 births. Optimally students will attend 3 hospital births, one home birth and one cesarean birth. Any combination though and all births are acceptable, but students are not allowed to submit certification evaluations from more than 2 cesarean births or 3 home births, we want students to view birth in as many settings as possible. Doulas are trained to be successful practitioners, and to work in a variety of environments and with a cross section of care providers.
  • Working Computer, this really useful no matter your enrollment option.
  • Working DVD Drive on computer, or ability to stream audio and media. We no longer send CDs but most childbirth videos are now on DVD or streaming.
  • Skype Account for student/teacher interactions. This is a free internet telephone. If you cannot use Skype we can find an alternative, but it is preferred.
  • Audacity to record a lecture for teacher- this is a free download
  • Microphone headset- Around $25-50.00