There are some births that you just don’t forget. As a doula I remember my clients. I remember details about their story, I remember moments and things that were said. There are a few births that I remember…..




…..of my day, my drive, the conversations we had. This is one beautiful birth story that I will never forget. Reading this fathers words brought me to tears. Tears of joy and gratitude. I am living my passion. I am grateful that I was able to assist this couple and together we created a beautiful birth story. Even if it wasn’t what was planned and hoped for.

“Our experience with Steph began with her birthing class. Alicia and I were looking for an alternative to the standard birthing classes through the hospital or clinic. An option that gave us the perspective that we wanted, focusing on natural birth. Alicia’s goal all along was to have a natural birth with no pain meds and we needed someone to show us the way. Steph did just that. Her classes taught us how to create a birth plan and helped us figure out what we wanted in our birth experience. We learned what questions to ask our physician and how to support each other through the birthing process. The various labor techniques she taught us were very helpful as we transitioned through labor.

While taking Steph’s birthing class, we realized that having her as our Doula would give us the birthing experience we hoped for. We built a great relationship with her throughout the classes and knew we could trust her guidance throughout our journey. Steph was genuinely interested in learning what we wanted for a birth experience. Although we were her clients, we felt like Steph was a friend guiding us through this adventure.

As all parents know, life doesn’t happen how we think it may. Babies are full of many surprises and have their own schedule. After an amazingly smooth pregnancy, Alicia went into labor 6 weeks early. We were in disbelief and shocked, this couldn’t’ be happening. Steph was the first person I called. She advised us to head to the hospital and kept in contact along the way. After realizing the labor was not slowing down, the doctors decided it would be best to transport Alicia to Rochester. Again we were in disbelief and struggled with the fact that Alicia would be laboring in the ambulance alone, while I rushed

The first family pictures.

home to grab a few things and then drive to Rochester. But again, Steph was there. She reassured me that our birth story would still be beautiful and that Rochester is an amazing place to give birth. She offered to drive and meet us in Rochester to continue leading us through our birth journey. She not only met us there, she lead me down the highway, into town, to the parking ramp and up to Alicia’s room. In this midst of all the unknowns, worries and fear, Steph was there to put us at ease. She was an incredible coach through labor and helped Alicia to reach her goal of having an all natural birth. She also made sure I was taken care of with food and hydration throughout the morning. Steph did a wonderful job of photographing of our birth story as well. The memories she captured will be cherished forever. Looking back, I can’t imagine our birth story without Steph. From the early days of learning techniques in her class, to capturing our first family photos, Steph made our birth story an amazing experience. She is living her passion and we are eternally grateful she is our Doula.”  ~Dan W.