“A Letter to My Future Postpartum Self”

note the milk catcher....it's what was handy while trapped under the sleeping baby We have some of the most amazing clients at The Green Stork.  Kate Michaletz has been down this pregnancy road before.  At our last prenatal we were discussing her postpartum plan.  It's something we chat about with all our clients.  [...]

“A Letter to My Future Postpartum Self”2021-05-18T19:17:26+00:00

Words from a Father

There are some births that you just don't forget. As a doula I remember my clients. I remember details about their story, I remember moments and things that were said. There are a few births that I remember..... EVERY. SINGLE. DETAIL. .....of my day, my drive, the conversations we had. This is one beautiful birth [...]

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A Glimpse Inside Becoming a Doula with BAI

Many people ask, “What can I expect from your doula workshop?” So I thought I’d give you a glimpse into what is covered during the two day Birth Arts International (BAI) doula training. During our time together we dive deep into what a doula should know regarding topics concerning everything related to pregnancy, labor, birth, [...]

A Glimpse Inside Becoming a Doula with BAI2018-01-18T05:07:20+00:00
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