How Stephanie Holthus, as your doula, & dads work together.

doulas-dads-768x768By no means does what I do replace the loving support of your other half. I am here to support and educate the two of you. That’s the beauty of it. With me involved, you’ll find that your partner is more capable to support you. Typically Dad doesn’t know what to expect or hasn’t seen birth before. He does not know what is normal. Thats where I come in. My calming presence will keep that worrisome look off your partners face.

With me present, as your doula, it insures that you won’t be left alone while laboring. If I join you at your home and there are still many things that need to be accomplished; filling and assembling the birth tub, preparing snacks, watching an older child or children, filling the car with gas, or packing bags for the hospital or birth center, Dad and I will divide and conquer. One of us will always be staying close by your side and supporting you, while the other checks things off that list.

Upon arrival at your birthing location you will be continuously supported while the staff is evaluating your progress. Once you’re settled, I will quickly go to work creating the sacred birthing space that we’ve previously talked about in our prenatal visits. If your provider isn’t the one “on call” once your labor starts, no worries, the three of us have discussed your plans and I will be that familiar face that you both trust.ry480

Lets say that something “unexpected” happens with your birth, just another variation of normal labor, I have the education, experience, and resources to assist you. Whether it be suggesting questions to ask your provider, different laboring positions, or providing you the resources to obtain informed consent, you won’t feel at a loss.
After the birth! I’m don’t just disappear. I remain present, a little fly on the wall. While you both bask in the presence of the new, beautiful life you created together, I’m there taking pictures, documenting a few things for you to remember later, cleaning up, or perhaps preparing some food or a smoothie for you to enjoy. I will stay and support you until you’re comfortable and need space with your new family.

image1-1024x682Bottom line…I NEVER want to replace your partner! I am there to support him as well as ensure mom is continuously supported throughout the entire labor.