Top 10 ways I stayed happy when those baby blues crept in…

top10waysblogpostI love my babies and even more, I loved staying home with them when they were so fresh and new. Even with that, some days were hard. Be it hormones, lack of routine, or what ever, some days were hard! These tips really helped me.

1)K.I.S.S. “Keep it simple sweetie.” A good friend of mine would say this to me all the time when I had my first baby. She reminded me often to keep it simple. Don’t over book yourself. Once you’re feeling good and want to get some things done, conquer one task a day. Slowly add two to your plate. Remember that on top of you’re own goals, your still caring for a tiny human that relies fully on you. Keep your schedule and expectations light.

2)Step outside and let the sun hit your face. Even on a rainy day, go outside and take the umbrella. Some of that fresh air can turn your mood around. If you can’t step outside, open a window and take in a few deep breaths.

3) Create your tribe. It really does take a village. Start to create your tribe while pregnant, if you can. If not, that’s ok. Who’s on your short list? Who can you call anytime to pick you up? Which friends have similar parenting goals as you? Confide in them.

4)This one’s important. Change your clothes every day. Even if it’s just your underwear. Even better, if you can change your P.J’s to a different set of comfy P.J’s. Change your cloths. Get a fresh start.

5)Limit your visitors, especially those first two weeks. Limit your visitors to those who will help you around the house. Those who you won’t feel the need to cater to. Perhaps that you trust to hold the baby while you take a quick shower or bath.

7)Brush your teeth. Wash your face. You CAN do these things with a baby in your arms or right next to you. It will make you feel so much better.

8)Put on a pair of your favorite earrings. If you don’t wear earrings, how about a bracelet? Do something to make yourself feel pretty. Has it been a while since you put on mascara? Do that today. Remember you are beautiful! Motherhood does look good on you.

9)Make a phone call. Is there someone you haven’t connected with in a while? Sure, you can’t get up and go to them right now, but you could call them and connect. Enjoy a good long phone call. Forget about texting. Have a live conversation. FaceTime or Skype would be even better.

10)Last, but certainly not least, take your “happy pills”. Did you encapsulate your placenta? Don’t forget to take your pills. Oh man! I felt the difference when I would forget to take mine. Placenta capsules help to level out your hormones and iron and increase your energy. They have been called “happy pills” by many spouses.