What’s too much, what’s too little, and what’s just right?? The true answer is that experience will be your biggest mentor while figuring out what is perfect for you and your littles. Whether you’re a new mom or veteran here are 10 tips to make leaving the house faster, quicker and more convenient than ever.
Less is more: You’re a mom and naturally that means you’re looked to as a pharmacy, restaurant, entertainer & more.  However, just because snacks are essential doesn’t mean you need to carry 3 options.  Less is more.
Toys: Anything can be made into a toy; the world is a toy. Our youngsters are flexible and willing to see a spoon as more than a utensil we use to eat from. Skip loading your diaper bag with toys and use the world around you to entertain and teach our peanuts.
Tide Stick: Messes can happen at any moment, any time. Lets face it… white doesn’t exist in our closets like it used to!  Just in case, have this tide stick handy. It works miracles.
Backpack: Imagine not having to keep your shoulder kinked up to make sure the one strap of the diaper-in-stylediaper bag stays on you as you reach in to grab your little out of his/her car seat. If this struggle sounds all too real, consider using a diaper backpack. Some companies sell a converted diaper bag that can double as a diaper backpack. Other moms have found a simple backpack (not advertised as a “diaper bag”) functions just as well for them.
Hand sanitizer: As we know, messes can be… messy (and happen anywhere). Maintain hygiene with hand sanitizer so you’re prepared for all of life’s unknowns.
Ziploc Baggies: These small gems can be a powerful tool to help keep your bag clean, organized, and efficient.  You can be creative and take advantage of these in many ways. It’s a bonus that they require hardly any space.
the-essentialsSeasonal Essentials: Keep key seasonal items in your bag in case you stumble onto something unplanned. Ex: a hat for your little and sunscreen during the summer months.
Wallet: Skip your purse… who needs another bag/strap to worry about? Instead of a purse for you and separate bag for the littles, morph these into one. A floating wallet can easily be transferred between purse and diaper bag depending on whether the outing involves the littles or not. If you choose to do this, make sure any key items that you keep in your purse for yourself are also in the diaper bag.
Organization: Let’s face it… our diaper bags can become an abyss if we don’t stay on top of it. We know it’s in there…but where? Utilize your pockets and try to have a system. This will make organization become natural. Have a designated “spot” for things; especially those most often reached for. As stated previously, Ziploc baggies can help neatly organize those different items like toys, snacks, and medicine.
Reload: This is key! Whatever essential ingredients make up your magic bag it’s paramount to keep it fully loaded. In those final moments of preparation, the last thing you want to be worried about is getting the diaper bag ready to go. Make it a habit that when you return home to reload whatever was used.
While it’s nice to be prepared, you don’t need to load up your entire house when you’re just going out for just a few hours. Doing so makes leaving the house more tedious and tiresome than necessary.

“You will find your way out of any sticky, messy, unplanned situation whether there is a solution for it in your diaper bag or not.”

Veteran moms vouch for the fact that people are willing to help. You’re a mom.  You are flexible and creative. You will find your way out of any sticky, messy, unplanned situation whether there is a solution for it in your diaper bag or not. Don’t stress about your diaper bag. Kids are resilient and so are you; after all you were little once.