The Green Stork is thrilled to announce that in January 2017 we will begin offering Complete Childbirth Education classes that are tailored, written, and presented exclusively by us.  We realize that some families have previously had to opt out of taking Bradley® classes with The Green Stork due to the cost and intense time commitment it required. Let’s face it… 12 Sundays of 2-4 hour classes cannot easily be maneuvered into anyone’s schedule. Additionally, 3 months advance planning for childbirth classes isn’t typically the first thing on an expecting mom’s radar. We are hoping to ease these struggles by providing a 3 week course of 2-3 hour sessions consisting of an complete mix of materials at a amazing price of $275. Most childbirth education is covered by HSA and flexible spending accounts to help ease financial burdens as well.  It is our passion to empower families during their birth journey so we are elated to be able to help reach the high demand of people wanting this material from us.

Stephanie Holthus has loved teaching The Bradley Method® for the past 5 years and will be carrying that experience and expertise into The Green Stork Complete Childbirth Education Class. It’s our unanimous belief that by moving in this direction we will be able to reach more people without losing any of the fundamental knowledge that Bradley® has been so great to offer families. We will offer 6 sessions of classes each year that will include information on the following topics:

  •     Nutritionimg_2788
  •     Staying healthy during pregnancy
  •     Stages of labor
  •     Labor support
  •     Comfort Measures
  •    Planning your birth
  •     Interventions
  •     Postpartum recovery
  •     Newborn
  •     Breastfeeding
  •     Birthing options (home, birth center, or hospital
  •     & MORE!!!

Each family will be provided with a comprehensive student workbook containing up-to-date information and access to The Green Storks student portal. These will be helpful tools as you soak in the plethora of topics that these classes will cover while also being a great resource to reference once your class has completed.  As your teacher, Stephanie will draw on her many different learning strategies and include videos, guest speakers, labor rehearsal and more to meet each individual where they learn best.

Time is precious and we realize the “to-do” list of expecting families is anything but short. We hope this new schedule will help facilitate making childbirth education a more doable priority for your family. We can’t wait to embark on this new journey with you in January!