5 FAQ’s about your Birth Arts International Doula Training

DSCN-54-681x1024You’re thinking or dreaming about becoming a doula?!  What an exciting time.  I remember that like it was yesterday.  In my day job dreaming about what I really wanted to do in life.  Birth Arts International has everything you need to get started.  A full online educational program, in class training, personal support and mentorship from the director, Demetria Clark, herself, and so much more.  We have trained over 20,000, as of 2014, doulas world-wide while keeping the intimate one on one student experience we are known for.  Here are a few of the questions I’m frequently asked that may help you.

I’m registered and can’t wait to begin! What can I do in the mean time?
You can find the suggested reading list here. Don’t wait to start your education grab a book and start reading. Start spreading the word that your working towards your doula certification. Perhaps you’ll find a study buddy for the program or a future client who is looking for support.

Will we learn how to do that hip squeeze?
Yes! Yes! Yes! We will cover many hands on techniques for you to use to support your clients. Hip squeezes, Rebozo, labor positions, optimal fetal positioning and so much more! In class we will cover these topics in detail and be sure you have all the tools you need to move your practice forward.

What should I bring to the training?
Dress comfortably we will be moving around and the it’s two full days on information. Bring snacks and water, something to write with or your lap top to take notes with. If you have a rebozo and birth/yoga ball bring those along as well.

Are there any pre-requisites for the doula certification?
There are no pre-requisites to attend this training or to becoming a doula. You only need a drive to suppFAQ-doula-workshop-768x768ort laboring families as they go through pregnancy, labor, and birth. Birth Arts International is the premier doula training program. We provide an in depth and advanced education that will leave you with many skills that you’ll need to run a successful business as a labor support doula.

What is the recertification yearly fee and what if I’m already a trained doula who wants to switch to Birth Arts?
There is no yearly recertification fee or process. As a professional you will want to keep your education up to date and stay on top of current policies and recommendations. This will come naturally to you grow in your profession.

I fibbed there is a sixth question! Where can I sign up?
I’m excited to have you in my next class. A current class schedule can be found here. Registration can be found here. Do you want Stephanie Holthus to come to you? Contact me and host a training while getting yours for free!

Come curious.  Leave inspired!